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Yourself in Nature

Traveling is the best remedy to recharge energy and release stress. Some prefer to visit big cities, museums, exclusive restaurants... but there are those who enjoy discovering new natural routes and tasting their local products much more, which are one of the great advantages of rural tourism. And it is that the human being has a clear spiritual connection with the environment that makes him disconnect from stress and find himself when he travels to natural areas and sleeps in that environment surrounded by native vegetation. But also, spending a few days off surrounded by mountains can make you discover a new universe of sensations. The color of the sky, the silence interrupted by the natural sound, breathe deeply and notice the aroma of the trees.

In 1984 Edward O. Wilson developed the concept that people are inextricably linked to nature and that this contact is essential for full psychological and physical development. Those millions of years during which homo sapiens was connected in a way so dynamic and profound with their environment, they defined according to Wilson, that people have an urgent need to be in contact with the rest of the living beings, whether they are plants or animals.

Our process of evolution would have forever marked positive feelings and emotions linked to the landscape, natural life and experimentation with it.



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