Perugia has an immense artistic and cultural heritage, fruit of its glorious past. In every corner and in the city squares you can admire monuments that testify centuries of art. Piazza Grande is the hub of life in the Umbrian village. In the marvelous monumental complex, now Piazza IV Novembre, are the Palazzo dei Priori, the Cathedral and the Fontana maggiore, the symbol of the city, not at all considered the most beautiful and famous of the Middle Ages. Built in the thirteenth century as a terminal point of the Monte Pacciano Aqueduct, the fountain features 85 faces and 61 sculpted animals. The water flows from an amphora masterfully supported by three Nymphs (or theological virtues), a bronze group by Robeo. Originally, on their heads there were four griffins, always in bronze, for each cardinal point that are now exposed to the National Gallery of Umbria. To visit the Etruscan Arch, the Rocca Paolina, the Collegio del Cambio, also frescoed by Perugino who worked two years in the magnificent Casa dell’Udienza.

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